We are a grantmaking foundation. Our giving ranges widely. We provide grants to assist individual families and also organizations whose mission is to provide assistance to families of children with special needs.


If you are a family looking for assistance for your child with significant & permanent disabilities, please contact us to apply.


If you represent a 501(c)(3)  organization which serves children with significant & permanent disabilities, please contact us to apply. We review applications once a year and the deadline is September 1st.

mission & vision

The Jordan Fund's mission is to provide support to special needs children and their families.

Helping children with special needs

Jordan Fund

recent grants

A neurodevelopmental center that provides comprehensive services for children with special needs.


An adaptive Riding and Hippotherapy center,  to help improve the bodies of special needs children.

A special needs child with cerebral palsy, right hemiplegia, seizure disorder, in order that she may attend a summer camp for special needs children.

A child with spina bifida, kyphosis & tethered cord, by assisting her dad with adapting their van for her independent mobility.

An organization that provides free musical instruction to children with disabilities in the New York city area.

An organization that improves the lives of children with physical or mental disabilities  by providing them with full access to a safe indoor/outdoor recreation space and offering inclusive programs that encourage their potential.

A group that serves children with disability in Peru by providing them with wheelchairs.

A child with mental retardation, by enabling his mother to send him to a summer camp for disabled children.

An organization that improves the quality of life of children with neuromuscular disorders by providing respite for the children's fathers.

An early intervention center that provides for children birth to 36 months who have delays in communication, social skills, fine or gross motor skills, or cognitive development.

An organization that enhances the lives of children with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs.